sexta-feira, 7 de outubro de 2011

Creating the Gerber files

 Hello dear followers, today to finish our clock layout with the MSP430-F2013 we will create the gerber, group of files that are sent to the company that the poster will be printed circuit.
First go into Options, Post Process Settings in this window click on the lines of all options with bottom and in the new window uncheck "Enable for post processing", leave this option checked only for (TOP, SMT, OSH, AST, DRD). Done this go on Auto, and then click Run Post Processor, Orcad now must create in the directory of file open multiple files from gerber as (name.TOP,.OSH,.SMT,.GTD,. DRD,.AST, .lis,.DTS and TRUEHOLE.tap)

To help us visualize the gerber as prints we use some program, where we'll use the Viewplot (R), which is free and can be found here.
Opening the program, load the generated file name.TOP ", and will appear something like this:

Done! Now we have went  through every part of the project and hardware specification, creation of schematic and layout. We have then a project halfway finished.

Hey, look at the day and time of the post!

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