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The IC555

Hello, we return today to explain a little about the functioning of IC555. This integrated circuit is a very useful, it  have many uses depending of which ports are used, and depending also of the montage.
Although internally the 555 is quite complex for its size:

Its use appears to be simpler. But before I explain about the montage, we first see the pins.

Pin 1: negative power.
Pin 2: Input 
shooting or trigger.
Pin 3: Output (has a current capacity of about 200mA).
Pin 4: Reset.
Pin 5: Input voltage control.
Pin 6: Sensor voltage level.
Pin 7: Pin "discharge" of the external capacitor.
Pin 8: Positive supply (5-18V).

Basically 555 born primarily to be used as a stop timer accuracy, but  you can use it also as monostable multivibrator, astable multivibrator (oscillator), Schmitt trigger, etc.

Our goal is to use it to connect backligth LCD for a few seconds after pressing a button, this is one of the simplest montages that you can do, and will be shown in the next post.


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