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Now we're getting closer to completing the physical design, let's then create the Schematic of the circuit of the clock, then make your layout, make the card, assemble and test components.
To create the schema we will use the program the Cadence OrCAD ® Capture.
Open, a new project, and save a as Schematic, to begin we must include libraries in Place Part select resistors (R/Cache Design), capacitors (C/Cache Design), keys (sw KEY-SPST/Cache Design), recorder's connector (CON4/Cache Design), pot (POT/Cache Design) and Crystal (qzp100K/Cache Design).
Most components we need there are available in document libraries, but others like LM35, LM7805, LCD, MSP and HT1380 have no library, so we must do ours.
First create a new library in Files, highlight it in the folder window and Design create a New Part. Name this as an example we will make the MSP library then in Name is MSP430F2013, Prefix U and Footprint DIP14. Now go in Place and add a Polyline in accordance with the format of the micro, then add the 14 Pins in Place also populating correctly the name and numbering. Your library is ready, just save it and create the other.

So with all libraries ready, we return to schematic and seek the libraries created at Place Part in the same place in which they were saved. After you have added all make the links as previously explained and presented in the template, getting the following schematic.

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